Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Take This Cup

I did not read the first book in the Jerusalem Chronicles so this review is solely based on Take This Cup, the second book in this series.

The story is told from the first-person perspective of Nehemiah, a young boy living during the time of Jesus.  He is only 8 years old when he travels alone to Jerusalem leaving his family behind due to unfortunate circumstances.  He must fend for himself and ensure the safe delivery of a unique cup.  Like Nehemiah, the cupbearer to the king of the Old Testament, young Nehemiah is the cupbearer to the King of Kings.

While I did not dislike the book, it was not as interesting as I had hoped.  The fictitious story was woven together with elements from the New Testament including Lazarus's resurrection, the Last Supper, Nicodemus's question about being born again, as well as many of Jesus's parables.  If you don't know the Scriptures, it may be hard to separate fact from fiction.  I also did not believe that an 8 year old boy would be able to tell such a story as well as process the events that were occurring around him.  I would have believed a mature 12 year old, but not someone so young.

Zondervan provided me a free copy of this book in exchange for this review which I freely give.

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