Monday, March 31, 2014

Heaven is for Real: Special Movie Edition

I am reading this book for the second time in preparation for the movie which comes out this month (April 2014).  I am struck once again by this amazing story.

Last time I read the book, I was focused on Colton's experience in heaven as it lines up with what the Bible teaches.  This time when I read, I was focused on Todd's experience as a dad watching his son suffer through an undiagnosed illness to the point that Colton was near death.  As a parent, I can understand Todd's emotion, including being angry with God.  The scene where Todd is alone in a hospital room having a meltdown with God is so moving to me.  I need to know that it is okay to be honest with God because even in the midst of my inner turmoil, He still loves and cares for me.

If you have not read this book, read it now.  As excited as I am to see the movie, the book is always better.

Thomas Nelson provided a free copy of this book in exchange for me review which I freely give.

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  1. Heaven is for real, but this child's experience is not, he has been coached by his dad, and financial gain is the motive for the dad's coaching and writing of the book. This child did not write the book his dad did and in their early personal appearences the dad was constantly putting words in the boys mouth. They also charged for coming to a church to tell the story, that is peddling the gospel which is severely denounced in Scripture. Compare his story to scripture and you will soon realize it does not add up. If Paul was warned not to talk that much about his experience how are these folks free to do so????