Monday, November 18, 2013

Critical Reaction

There is an explosion at a nuclear facility.  A security guard is trying to keep his job without having to lie about what he saw.  A lab technician tries to discover what happened and whether or not he was exposed to radiation.  A lawyer gets involved while she is grieving the loss of her mother and questioning a strained relationship with her father.  A well-paid executive is trying to complete a illegal project while covering up the explosion.

The story was not bad, but it was not very good either.  There were so many characters that I did not feel like everyone was fully developed, nor were all their issues resolved by the end of the book.  On top of the many characters, there was a plethora of scientific explanation about the explosion and the work of the nuclear facility.  It was just too much to understand in one book.

I did not dislike this book, but it was hard to finish.  I got lost with all the characters and all the science involved.

Bethany House provided me a copy of this book in exchange for my review which I honestly give.

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