Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Dream So Big

Reading this book was like taking a journey with the Peifer family.  The path was long with many unexpected twists and turns, but the views were stunning and well worth the trip.

The journey begins when Steve and Nancy Peifer found out in the middle of the pregnancy of their third child that he would not live very long, or even live outside of the womb.  The news was devastating.  They choose not to terminate the pregnancy.  Instead they choose to birth their third child and live as long as they could together.  Little Stephen died after 8 days.  As a way to deal with their pain, the Peifers moved their family to Africa as missionaries.  It was there that they saw beauty from their ashes.

The reason this book feels like a journey is that Steve writes in such an honest voice.  He shares the ups and downs and everything in between of being a missionary.  I felt like I was with the family when they lost a son, moved to Africa, served the poor, and adopted twins.  Thankfully the journey is not over as the Peifers continue to bring hope to a nation starving for hope.

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