Friday, February 8, 2013

To Honor and Trust

It is not hard to figure out the plot when the front cover of the book shows a bride and groom standing hand in hand.  However, the story begins with a young woman, Callie, who has sworn off marriage and a young man, Wes, who does not want to socialize with the many wealthy families who visit Bridal Veil Island.  So the reader expects the two to fall in love and get married before the end of the story.

Without ruining the story, Callie and Wes do fall in love as expected.  I was bored with the story line because it took 200 pages before Callie and Wes admit their affection for each other.  There were a few obstacles to overcome and some of the characters had to change their opinions and desires before the story was complete.  Yet none of these story elements involved significant drama or soul searching.  The pace of the story was slow and predictable.  It was not an exciting story but more of a nice read.

Bethany House provided me a free copy of this book in exchange for my review which I freely give.

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