Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tangled Ashes

The main character, Marshall Becker, travels to Europe to help renovate a French castle.  The castle itself is a character in the story and holds its own allure.  Becker, aka Beck, has his own issues with alcohol yet is able to oversee the renovation large historical buildings without fail.  As he tries, on his own, to overcome his addiction, he meets Jade, the nanny to the children of the owners of the castle.  She herself is struggling with cancer.

Also in the story is Therese, the interior designer; Jojo, the old man living in the stable, Marie and Elise, young girls living in France during the flashback part of the story; Phillip and Eva, the children of the castle owner; Fallon, the castle owner, and Sylvia, his wife; and Gary, Beck's business partner.  With such a long list of characters who each have their own issues, their story lines were hard to follow.  Even the ending does not complete the story lines of all of these characters.  It left me with wanting more while at the same time tired from reading over 300 pages to get to the end of one story line.

The reader knew from the beginning that Beck struggled with something.  It was not until halfway through the book that his back story was revealed.  Even then, it was just one incident that somehow led Beck to a lifelong addiction to alcohol.  Without giving away any more of the story, it seemed that there was more to Beck's background that pushed him to drink.  Since there were so many characters, it was difficult to really get deep into the struggles of just one character.  This could have been a 500+ page book and potentially a series.

When I get the chance to read Christian fiction, I usually enjoy myself.  However, this book was more fiction than Christian.  Beck finally reaches sobriety but not with the help of God.  At last mention, he was still agnostic in his belief.

Tyndale provided me a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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