Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This Bible study from Jennie Allen focuses on the life of David.  Weaving Scriptures with personal reflection, this study challenges us to chase what is true, honorable, and worthy.  The study includes readings, projects, and a video.  It allows readers to explore faith for themselves.

I was intrigued with this new study.  I have participated in  a variety Bible studies for women and have experienced many conferences for women.  I am always excited to try a new study.  This one was different, not good different and not bad different, just different.  I think Jennie Allen reaches a population of younger women that no other study reaches.  She is down to earth and honest.  She speaks to women who want to be authentic and real.  She is calming and centering.  She is not polished and perfect, yet that seems to make her more genuine.

In watching the videos, I was distracted by her hair.  I'm just being honest and real here.  First of all, I was jealous of it and how a sloppy ponytail looks so cute on her.  Then I watched her push the hair out of her eyes no less than five times in a 10 minute segment.  It really distracted me; however, I am middle-age woman who is used to polished and professional speakers.  Jennie is not polished, but that is what makes her so authentic to a younger generation of women who need someone to speak truth to them.

Thomas Nelson provided me a free copy of this Bible study in exchange for my review which I freely give.

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