Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chasing the Sun

Set during the War Between the States, Texas had both Union supporters and Confederate supports.  There were also quite a few Texas supports who only wanted what benefited their state.  Hannah, the heroine of the story, is just trying to survive with her 2 step-siblings.  The ranch on which they live was given to their father, a Conferderate supporter.  The previous residents were Union supporters and left to fight the war.  Hannah's father leaves to help his mother back in Vicksburg but has not been heard from since.  Instead, William Bartlett returns, the son of the previous ranch owner, to claim his family property.

Initially, the storyline was slow as the many characters were introduced.  Therefore, it took a while to understand how Hannah Dandridge can to live on a Texas ranch with her much younger step-brother and step-sister.  I almost lost interest in the book, but I continued to read so I could write a thorough review.

Once I got into the book, I enjoyed reading it, mostly.  Some parts of the story annoyed me.  I did not like how clueless Hannah was in her dealings with Herbert Lockhart, her father's business partner.  She also seemed naive about how her family came to live on the ranch.  She is strong woman who came from a privileged upbringing and became a hard-working ranch woman.  Yet, the story does not talk about the transformation.  There is only a nod to how she was once privileged and now must take care of her family and land.

The story ends nicely with all loose ends tied up.  It was neither surprising nor upsetting.

Bethany House provided me a free copy of this book in exchange for my review which I freely give.

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