Saturday, February 18, 2012

Called to Controversy

This is fascinating book about a fascinating man. I appreciate Ruth Rosen's hard work to record the story of her father who founded Jews for Jesus.

I have been a Christian for years. As I matured, I learned how the Jewish faith is the roots of my faith. Moishe Rosen was a Jewish man who learned how the Christian faith is the fulfillment of his Jewish faith. He did not seek to become a Christian believer, but he could not deny the truth once he faced it himself. Then he brought this faith in Christ back to his roots even though many in the Jewish culture shunned and shamed him.

I highly recommend this book to Jews and Gentiles alike. We all can learn from Moishe's faith. He did not cringe from controversy or avoid arguments. He spoke truth and followed God's will for his life no matter the consequence. His life can inspire us to do the same.

Thomas Nelson has provided me a free copy of this book in exchange for my review which I freely give.

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  1. SO great to hear from you! I just requested this book based on your review!! :) Yeah, I'm having a hard timing finding good books these days. ;/
    Praying all is well with you and yours!!!