Monday, January 9, 2012

Through My Eyes: A Quarterback's Journey

In this young readers edition, Tim Tebow tells his story of growing up, playing college football, and fulfilling his dream of becoming an NFL quarterback.

I read this book as I watched Tim Tebow lead the Denver Broncos as they beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in a wild card game. In the first, and final, play of overtime, Tim connect with Demaryius Thomas on an 80-yard touchdown pass for the quickest ending to an NFL overtime. That play demonstrated what Tim talks about in his book...working hard and finishing strong. He never let up in the game, and he never gives up in life.

Tim Tebow is an inspiration to many, and this book will encourage young athletes to do their best as they play with integrity. I am glad that there is a professional athlete who is a good role model. So many professional athletes are not, but Tebow breaks the mold.

Zondervan has provided me a free copy of this book in exchange for my review which I freely give.


  1. I am thinking about purchasing this book for my son. Thank you for the review Diane.