Monday, December 19, 2011

Why Men Hate Going to Church

I was not planning on reading this book for good reason....I am a woman. I did not think I would get much out of this book, but I was wrong. That's right, I admit that I was wrong.

My husband is the one who wanted to read this book, and he says that he can relate to what the book said. So I got it for him, but when I read it, I was amazed. It is not a surprise that the modern day church is suffering because it does not meet the needs of men. I so appreciate the insight as to why men do not like going to church. As I read I realized that so much of it I see weekly in my local church. I now understand why the modern church is just not meeting the needs of men.

I was starting to lose hope as I was reading until I reached Part 3, "Calling the Church Back to Men." There is hope, and there are simple ideas and easy to employ strategies to meet the needs of men in the church. It does not require a big budget and radical changes. Instead, there are simple, easy, and inexpensive ways to make church more inviting to men.

I am so glad that I read this book and know that everyone (male and female) who reads this book will be encouraged to be a part of the kingdom of God.

Thomas Nelson has provided me a free copy of this ebook in exchange for this review which I freely give. I wish I had a print copy of this book because there are so many people I know who would like to read this book. I guess they will just have to buy their own copy.

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