Sunday, October 9, 2011

Women of Faith: Imagine

I have a wonderful time this weekend at the Women of Faith Conference in Pittsburgh, PA. Thanks to the tickets Thomas Nelson provided, I was able to enjoy a weekend away with my best friend.

We were refreshed and encouraged; inspired and enlightened. In the words of Larry, the Cucumber, "I laughed. I cried. It moved me, Bob."

It will take a while to process all I heard. I took notes and journaled as the Spirit moved, and the Spirit sure did more in that place.

My only disappointment was that more women did not go. The Consul Energy Center was only half full. There were a lot of empty seats. I hope next year (September 28 & 29), more women attend. It will only bless you and enrich your life!

I was given free tickets to attend the conference in exchange for this honest review.

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