Tuesday, October 11, 2011

His Steadfast Love

Slavery was a way of life during the 1860's in Texas. Some people never even questioned it, but in His Steadfast Love, Amanda and her family have to face their way of life even as it changes before their very eyes.

Amanda had to question what she believed when she fell in love with Kent Littlefield, an officer who serves in the Union army. When her dad discovered the officer's allegiance, he forbade Kent have any kind of correspondence with Amanda. As Amanda obeyed her father, her heart struggled with how she felt for Kent. Some things just do not have a simple answer.

I like how the author portrayed both sides of the issue of slavery as well as recognizing that it was not the only issue dividing the North and the South. States rights was as much of an issue as slavery. I also like how the author portrayed how a family endured while a loved on served on the front line of battle.

Thomas Nelson has provided a free copy of this ebook for review.

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