Thursday, May 19, 2011

No Place Like Holmes

It is difficult to find good books for young men. My son is an avid reader and will reread books he has already read since there are so few books for him. Since he does not read romance or about vampires, there really is not much left. So I am always excited to find a book that he likes such as No Place Like Holmes.

Griffin Sharpe is a smart and observant young man. He is sent to England to visit his uncle who he thought might just be the great Sherlock Holmes. Instead, his uncle is the nextdoor neighbor to the great detective; however Uncle Rupert thinks himself to be a super sleuth. Griffin quickly finds himself in the middle of a mystery that he and his uncle seek to solve.

I like the book. I also would like to read more Griffin Sharpe stories. This story does leave one rabbit trail that could be followed in another book which just might be The Future Door which comes out in December. My son and I look forward to reading the rest of this series.

Thomas Nelson has provided me a free copy of this book to review.

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