Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Heaven is for Real

I did not intend to read 3 books in the last year about people describing heaven from the first person perspective. 90 Minutes in Heaven, Flight to Heaven, and Heaven is for Real share the same perspective of what heaven is like. All 3 books also have in a common a person who had to suffer and go through intense medical drama in order to experience heaven. I am glad that I have read all 3 of these books. I am also excited to be doing a study on Revelation (Here and Now, There and Then by Beth Moore). It seems like God is trying to teach me something, and I best be paying attention. Next thing I know, my pastor will be preaching about heaven. ;)

What I liked about Heaven is Real is the fresh and honest understanding of heaven. An almost 4 year old does not have the Biblical knowledge to describe heaven like he did unless he saw it himself. There are some things that I could not describe even after studying the Bible. No amount of study compares to an eyewitness account, and what this young boy describes is completely in alignment with what the Scriptures teach us.

I also want to commend Todd and Sonja Burpo for being careful and honest in trying to understand what their son, Colton, saw. It is easy to feed information to your children and sway their perspective. However, the Burpo's were discerning in allowing their son to tell them what he saw without trying to influence his understanding. As a result, we get to read a great book about heaven and about a little child who had the chance to see it for himself.

Thomas Nelson has given me a free copy of this book to review and has given me freedom to state my own opinions about it.


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  2. Thank you for letting others know about the book and for the fabulous review. In case anyone is interested, you can read an excerpt of the book on www.heavenisforreal.net.

  3. Hi Diane,
    I found your review of Heaven Is For Real while searching for the book's website: heavenisforreal.net
    I finished reading this precious little book last evening and the book will stay in my permanent collection!
    I first heard of this book when the author, Todd Burpo, was interviewed on "Haven Today". You can still hear the interview at: haventoday.org with Charles Morris.
    Finally, I'm excited to have found your blog and look forward to more reviews.
    I wish we all were as excited about Heaven as little Colton Burpo.