Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hatteras Girl

I like a good book to read on vacation. I received this book to review but did not get to go on vacation to read it. However, it did bring back good memories of a trip I took to OBX.

This book was mildly entertaining. It was not an easy read as too many characters were introduced yet they did not seem significant to the story line. My mind was overwhelmed with trying to understand each character and their back story. I think half of the characters were unnecessary and the story would have been the same without them.

The book falls under the category of inspirational fiction, but there was not a whole lot of talk about God and religion. The book could also be a romance novel, but the story was not overly romantic. At times, I wanted to read more about the romantic relationship between 2 characters and at other times, I was tired of hearing about how the main character felt about a particular man. There was also some drama and suspense in the book. So I am not sure how to categorize this book. Instead I will say the story is unique.

Bethany House has given me a free copy of this book to review and has given me freedom to state my own opinions about it.

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