Monday, November 29, 2010

Amy Inspired

I can honestly say that I was not inspired while reading this book. I did not like this book and it left a bad taste in my mouth.

Too verbose. I did not enjoy the many paragraphs of descriptive writing that were unnecessary to the story line. Some description is needed to help the reader visualize the story but not so much that the background becomes a storyline itself.

Too many characters. I was exhausted by the beginning of the 4th chapter as yet another character was being introduced. Since so much description is given to each character, it was time consuming to keep tract of each new character.

Too long. I was on page 286 before I realized that there had yet to be a climax to the story. For an author writing about writing, I was surprised that the book lacked basic story elements. In the last 40 pages, the protagonist did find herself at the turning point, but it felt rushed as if the author needed to keep the book under 320 pages.

Too much smut. As mentioned in other reviews, this book was not as Christian as the Christian market expects. I was convicted a few years ago about reading books that bordered on smut. I turned to Christian publishers to find morally entertaining books. I did not expect to read about half naked women and unmarried couples sleeping together in this novel.

I do not enjoy writing negative reviews, but I have read and reviewed so many books this year that it was bound to happen.

Bethany House has given me a free copy of this book to review and has given me freedom to state my own opinions about it.

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