Friday, October 22, 2010

Hope Unseen

I cannot even begin to imagine what Scotty Smiley has endured to get to where he is now. I graduated from West Point a few years before Scotty, but I never had to go through what he went through. I am inspired by his story, and you will be, too.

I feel honored that Scotty was willing to share his experience and to enlighten others on what he has had to face. This book is a great read and I am happy to share this book with family and friends. You will be encouraged, inspired, and amazed.

Every time I am frustrated with my computer, I will think of Scotty. Here I am with 2 good eyes ready to throw my computer out the window. He has had to memorize functions and keys in order to be proficient at making Power Point presentation. I will no longer complain about my computer, and I will remember to be thankful in my circumstances.

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