Sunday, April 25, 2010

Her Mother's Hope by Francine Rivers

I have long been a fan of Francine Rivers since reading Redeeming Love. So I was not surprised at how much I enjoy Her Mother's Hope. This almost 500 page book took me only a week to read. I would get so involved in reading that I did not notice the passage of time. Unfortunately, I have to wait 6 more months for the sequel Her Daughter's Dream.

I am thankful that this was just one book instead of 3. I have noticed that some publishers limit the length of books forcing a series instead of a stand alone book. This book was long enough to be more than one book, but I am glad I was able to read it all at once.

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  1. I've actually struggled with Francine Rivers lately. I found that Her Mother’s Hope didn’t have very much hope at all. After writing my own review (which you can read at ) I went out and read about 50 other reviews, and 50 out of 50 loved this book. I guess there’s always one in the crowd who doesn’t fit in – and this time it’s me. :-(