Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Sweet By and By by Sara Evans

Jade, the protagonist of our story, wants to forget her horrible past and move on with her life. She grew up a poster child for a broken home. Her dad walked out and her mom was a free loving hippie who did not know how to love her own children. Instead of dealing with her past, Jade left it and had not spoken to either parent in years. Whenever you neglect to deal with the past, the past will deal with you.

Through some God-intended events, Jade is forced to face her past and deal with her issues. As we all want in our own lives, she overcomes her past and brings beauty from the ashes.

The character development was severely lacking. As a reader, I did not understand why the dad left. He walks out on her family but becomes a prominent judge in Washington D.C. championing family values. Jade’s best friends appear briefly at few times in the story but neither help nor hinder Jades’ healing process. I would have thought her psychologist friend would instrumental in helping Jade, yet she wasn’t. Instead she goes off on a spa day while Jade continues to work the weekend before her wedding. I just don’t get it.

I also found the prose too wordy. Chapter 2 opens with “Amber hues muted the last of the Iowa blue day as the sun rounded the horizon toward the west, taking with it the last bit of warmth.” It felt like the words were just filling up empty space without adding meaning to the story.

I gave this book 2 stars as it was an interesting story but not well written. It was too wordy with too many characters that did not add to the story development.

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