Friday, January 15, 2010

NIV Bible download from Sony

I was excited to get a Sony reader for Christmas. One of my first downloads was the NIV Bible published by Zondervan purchased at the Sony reader store. I am sorely disappointed. This download has numerous typos and is not worth the $13.49. I have called customer service and was told they would call me back. I am still waiting. This makes me wonder if I should have gone with the Kindle or the Nook instead. It's too late now for me, but maybe someone else will learn from my mistake.

I thought of buying this book from another website. However, I have learned that if I buy the download from another site, I may not be able to put it on the reader if it is not in the right format. Sony readers can download .epub, .pdf, and .doc but not .pdb or anything from Kindle at


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  2. I took me 2 months to see this comment, but I quickly discovered that Zondervan had great customer service. As soon as I saw this comment, I emailed Ayannah. Within an hour, she replied to my email and sent me the updated version of the NIV Bible. Fantastic!