Sunday, November 15, 2009

Read and Share: The Story of Christmas

A charming children's book that summarizes the story of Christmas.

Each 2-page spread has a child friendly summary of one part of the Christmas story. The biblical reference to that part of the story is located at the top of the page so families can use this book to springboard into the Word. At the bottom of the page is a discussion question to get the children talking and becoming more interactive with the story. The story is broken down into 10 parts which would make a wonderful 10 devotional leading up to Christmas.

The book is biblically accurate. Jesus is not an infant, but a young toddler when the wise men arrive, but not 3 wise men. It was wise men who brought 3 gifts. Anyhow, I appreciate that even details like this remain true to the Word of God. I want my children to know the truth from the beginning.

The bonus DVD is a nice addition but not a necessary one.

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