Friday, June 5, 2009

Nelson's Illustrated Guide to Religions

This is not an easy book to read cover to cover, but it is a terrific reference book. I shall keep in on my shelf and refer to it often. It summarizes relgions and belief systems and provides books and websites for further study.

I liked that the author prefaced the guide saying that he was coming from a Christian worldview. It was be hard to read a summary of world religions from an anti-Christian worldview.

My only negative comment is from the chapter on Islam. The god of Islam is Allah, not God who is the God of Christianity and Judaism. In the chapter on Islam, the author refered to their god as Allah sometimes and as God at other times. I found this to be confusing as Allah is not God.

That is my only negative comment. This is a great reference book and well done. I will enjoy it for years to come.

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