Monday, April 20, 2009

Higher Hope by Robert Whitlow

This was the first book I read by Robert Whitlow, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Now I have to go out and get more of his books especially Deeper Waters, the first book in A Tides of Truth series. Yet even without reading the first book in this series, Higher Hope was a great read.

The novel includes drama, romance, and suspense but I did not feel like I needed to rush through it to find out what happens. The main character, Tami, has more than one dilemma in the story. She has 2 men attracted to her. She feels her beliefs are challenged yet still feels strongly about her beliefs. Her own living arrangements are challenged. Yet with all these challenges, Tami tries her best to make a good decision. Oddly enough, not all of these dilemmas were resolved by the end of the book. Some are left open so that the reader is left to wonder what happens next. So now, as the reader, I am left to wonder and to wait for Greater Love, Book 3 in A Tides of Truth series, to come out in 2010.

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