Friday, March 20, 2009

The Word of Promis Next Generation New Testament Audio Bible

The MP3 CDs were not compatible to some of my not so high tech gadgets. I was unable to play the CDs on my CD player at home or in my minivan. I was finally able to play them on my computer. I was hoping to have them in the van for long trips so I was disappointed that it didn’t work. I could download the CDs to an IPOD, if I had one.

As far as the actual audio Bible, I was not impressed. But I am 35 years old. For a younger generation, this is an interesting way to read/hear the Bible. The all-star cast is impressive, but their voices were so young which would be way more relevant to a tweenager. My 10 year old son was interested in getting these CDs but lost interest after listening to them for 5 minutes. That is why I was hoping it would work in the van because then he would be stuck listening to them. Oh well.

The DVD was a nice addition. I was most impressed with Alyson Stoner and Corbin Bleu. They seem to have the most authentic faith of the actors. It was nice to see so many actors of this generation who are open to the truths of the Bible. It gives me hope for the future.

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